Since 2002, the Kinney Drugs Foundation has been a part of the community. Every dollar donated is guaranteed to enrich the lives of the families in our community.



Throughout the year, the Kinney Drugs Foundation holds events to benefit local charities and local families. We provide assistance, donations, and care to thousands of families in Upstate New York and Vermont.



Our mission has always been about keeping people healthy. The Kinney Drugs Foundation continues this mission by providing a higher quality of life for everyone who calls this region home.



Giving is our focus. To date, the Kinney Drugs Foundation has given over $11 million dollars to local charities. Our focus is the communities in which we live and the charities that support them.

Sample of Charitable Giving Recipients

The Kinney Drugs Foundation awards funding to various national organizations as well as their local chapters. The Foundation's funding supports the sick and disabled, disease research, promotion and public awareness of specific health risks, disaster relief and humanitarian efforts, and children’s charities. We also support many smaller scale community organizations, such as local rescue squads, ambulance services, fire departments, food pantries, and libraries.